The warmth and 'personality' of a church is determined largely by its membership. At St. Stephen's, we're quite fortunate to have a wonderful congregation, the members of which have some pretty interesting reasons why they chose us as their church home. We'd like to share some of their notes to us with you.

"I joined St. Stephen's as a single girl and then when I started dating my future husband, I brought him to church with me and he joined after we were engaged.

Initially, we both loved the ministers, the friendly people who were very welcoming, and the music and liturgy. Now, several years later, after having been married in the church, had our first child baptized here, and our second on the way, we have firsthand experience with all of the wonderful programs for young children which include an outstanding preschool program, nursery, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School.

The staff at our church is TOP-NOTCH, the people are the friendliest and most caring you will ever meet and the facilities and programs are first rate for all ages!!!!"

Janice &
Ron Buff
"What a change we have seen at St. Stephen’s over the past 38 years! Some of those changes include the addition of a second worship service at 8:30 a.m., a pre-school program, a Christian ministry program, tremendous membership growth, the need for a second pastor, and now a beautiful new addition to our church.

What we have not seen change is the genuine love and care of the former and current pastors who work tirelessly to lead and meet the spiritual growth and needs of the congregation and others, a liturgical service rich in tradition, a music program second to none, and a congregation of welcoming and compassionate members.

It’s easy to see why we like St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church…the past 38 years are filled with wonderful memories, and we look forward to many more."

"I love St. Stephens because I grew up there and I feel like I am with my family. I have been touched by so many people there, adults and kids. They have shaped my life and will always be with me!"

Nell Hornsby
"I like St. Stephens for many reasons, but mostly because everyone is so friendly here, especially the pastors. They bring so much to their services that is such a joy to come to church."

"The reason I like St. Stephen's is because of the really fun youth group outings, the pastors, and I like playing in the Praise Band."

Bubba Easler
"I grew up in the Baptist Church and married a Lutheran. When we first attended St. Stephens, approximately 20 years ago, I could tell from day one what a great family this church consisted of. I felt so comfortable that my family and I decided to make St. Stephens our church home. St. Stephens meets all of our needs and we love attending the services. The pastors, as well as the congregation, are very friendly and personable and make you feel so welcome.

"Learning and friendship are just two of the incredible experiences that Luke is enjoying at St. Stephen's Preschool. What a wonderful place to come to in the morning knowing that dedicated and caring teachers are here to encourage our son to be his best." —Clarice, Luke's Mom

Melissa Rawl
"I love St. Stephen's because it is part of my life. I am a life-long member. St. Stephen's is full of Christian families that stay. You will find that most members of our church remain members for their lives. It is a place you can always count on for the love of God and the comfort of His people."

Richard, Tracey & Family
Micah says she loves St. Stephen's because the pastors are nice and we have lots of activities now for the youth. Turner says it's because we get good food! Tracey says it's because we are meeting so many new families and because of the addition of the liturgical dance (so b-e-a-u-tiful and moving). Also, St. Stephen's is the church I grew up in and the church where I started dating my husband!

Dave Bozard
"Learning and friendship are just two of the reasons I like St. Stephen's. It's not about the building. I like the people and the relationships. I like the encouragement that I've received with my personal walk with God."

So why do you like St. Stephen's?