Church Council
Fifteen men and women who are members of the Congregation are elected at an annual meeting to serve for a three year term. The council is entrusted with the general oversight of the life and activities of the St. Stephen's Church Family.

Church Committees/Chairpersons & Council Liaison:
If you are interested in serving on or would like to know about a committee of the church, the following list includes the chairperson/s and the council liaisons for each committee. Please feel free to contact them for more information.

Brant Taylor, Bert Davis, and Ivan Black (Co-Chairs); Adam Tworzyanski (Liaison)

Phil Reams, Roscoe Caughman, and Bob Lowman (Co-chairs); Sandy Shealy (Liaison)

Christian Education
Tonya Reynolds, Michelle Black (Co-Chairs); Shannon Burnett (Liaison)

Suzanne Robinson (Chair and Liaison)

Brant Taylor (Chair); Ron Redd (Liaison)

Benjie Rhoad (Chair) Neil Brown (Liaison)

John and Sharon Mackintosh (Chair); Lisa Catalanotto (Liaison)

Lisa Catalanotto (Chair and Liaison)

Nurture & Outreach
Lynnie Leopard and Greg Dahl (Co-Chairs); Andy Marchant (Liaison)

Beth Haggard (Chair); Georgianna Dukes (Liaisons)

Worship & Music
Debbie Hester (Chair); Sammy Hendrix (Liaison)

Youth Ministry
Linda King (Chair); Shannon Burnett (Liaison)

Gregg Mills (Chair and Liaison)

Tom O’Brien (Chair); Shannon Burnett (Liaison)

Public Relations:
Ashley Loackore (Liaison)

Staff Support:
Steve Fowler (Chair); Jacob Davis (Liaison)

Ralph Haggard (Liaison)

Brad Morgan (Liaison)

Living Faith:
Pastor Jason Antley (Liaison)

Prime Time:
Shannon Burnett (Liaison)

Regular council meetings are generally held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 6:00 PM. The meetings are open to guests.

04/19 Church Council minutes
03/19 Church Council minutes
02/19 Church Council minutes

Want to know more?
Please call the church office at 359-6562 or send us an e-mail.