Welcome to St. Stephen's!

Come join us on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11:00 in the Sanctuary and Wednesdays at 12:30 . Sunday School is offered at 9:45 AM.  We also offer a nursery every Sunday at all services. 

Our Members

"I love St. Stephen's because it is part of my life. I am a life-long member. St. Stephen's is full of Christian families that stay. You will find that most members of our church remain members for their lives. It is a place you can always count on for the love of God and the comfort of His people."

-Melissa Rawl

"I joined St. Stephen's as a single girl and then when I started dating my future husband, I brought him to church with me and he joined after we were engaged.

Initially, we both loved the ministers, the friendly people who were very welcoming, and the music and liturgy. Now, several years later, after having been married in the church, having both of our children baptized here, we have firsthand experience with all of the wonderful programs for young children which include an outstanding preschool program, nursery, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School.

The staff at our church is TOP-NOTCH, the people are the friendliest and most caring you will ever meet and the facilities and programs are first rate for all ages!!!!"

-Jennifer Taylor